Call Of Duty: Warzone Update Nerfs Krampus In Festive Fervor Event

Call of Duty’s Festive Fervor event kicked off on December 16, adding Christmas trees, elves, and Krampus to Warzone’s Caldera. The addition of Krampus has brought a lot of frustration to Call of Duty’s seasonal events in both Vanguard and Warzone. Thankfully, Krampus has at least been nerfed for Warzone.

With the launch of Festive Fervor, the seasonal folklore creature known as Krampus has been an absolute menace in Warzone, acting as a bullet sponge and targeting victims at random with very little warning. Thankfully, Raven Software has tweeted an update was made to make Krampus encounters less frustrating, stating that Krampus made it to the very top of the Festive Fervor naughty list.

The December 21 update to Krampus should help with players’ frustration about how difficult Krampus was to kill, as the health of the creature has been reduced significantly across all modes and squad sizes. Another complaint was that Krampus was costing players a match win, because the creature would arrive late in the game when survival is most crucial. Thankfully, Krampus no longer spawns after the fourth circle, so players should still be able to focus on getting the win without fear of his wrath.

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