Call Of Duty Festive Fervor Event Is Live In Vanguard And Warzone

Call of Duty’s Festive Fervor event is now live in Vanguard and Warzone, and players can get into the holiday spirit with limited-time challenges and seasonal game modes. Elves can be chased across Vanguard and Warzone for rewards, and the folklore creature known as Krampus is hunting down players in both games.

Festive Fervor event challenges

Just like past Call of Duty events, there are holiday challenges to complete for rewards. There are thirteen total items, which includes the Type 11’s Ol’ Timey light machine gun weapon blueprint for completing all six Vanguard or Warzone Pacific challenges.

Vanguard Festive Fervor challenges

  • Eliminate Krampus 3 times: Rewards 1 battle pass tier skip
  • Kill 10 Elf Team Six members hiding in MP maps: Rewards the Cookie Crumbler calling card
  • Open 5 care packages: Rewards the Gift Receipt sticker
  • Get 5 kills with killstreaks: Rewards 1 hour double XP token
  • Complete 10 matches of Armageddon: Rewards the Santa’s Delivery calling card
  • Complete 15 matches on Shipment: Rewards the Tanenbaum weapon charm

Warzone Festive Fervor challenges

  • Play Warzone for 7 hours: Rewards 1 hour double XP token
  • Travel 25 miles in Warzone: Rewards the Derailed spray
  • Do 365 damage to Krampus in Warzone: Rewards the Skullflake emblem
  • Destroy 12 elves in Warzone: Rewards the Toy Gun calling card
  • Open 24 holiday crates in Warzone: Rewards the Naughty List emblem
  • Go to 8 points of interest in Warzone: Rewards the Gnome Wars calling card

Vanguard event details for multiplayer and Zombies

For Vanguard, Festive Fervor includes some holiday-themed modes.

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