Back 4 Blood Burn Cards Explained: What They Do And How To Get Them

The eagerly anticipated Back 4 Blood December update has arrived, and among a laundry list of fixes and a more robust offline campaign mode, you’ll now find Burn Cards throughout the game. This new kind of card can be both acquired and used in ways that standard cards can’t, and they offer brand-new perks to throw into the mix in Back 4 Blood’s rogue-ish systems. Here’s what you need to know about Burn Cards in Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood: What are Burn Cards?

Burn Cards are single-run cards that you can’t re-activate in Back 4 Blood. They can’t be added to your custom decks because they don’t last longer than a playthrough. Once played, a Burn Card is removed from your available cards permanently, though its effects will last as long as you’re playing through your current run.

Burn Cards are so limited in their usage because they’re meant to offer abilities that are more powerful than typical cards. They can give you instant access to new weapons and buffs that exceed the usual stuff you’d see in Back 4 Blood’s traditional card system.

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