Apex Legends: How To Upgrade Your Body Shield

One of the most important items in Apex Legends is the body shield. It allows players to take up to an additional 125 damage before being knocked down in a fight. The better the rarity of the shield, the more damage it can take. However, instead of the higher rarity shields being only obtainable through looting and luck, players can also improve the shield they currently have through a few different methods. Here’s how upgrading your body shield in Apex Legends works.

How to upgrade your body shield

The red, purple, blue, and white Evo Shields
The red, purple, blue, and white Evo Shields

There are two ways to upgrade your body shield in Apex Legends, you can either deal damage to enemies or you can spend materials at the Replicator. Damage is translated 1:1 when attacking an enemy legend, so dealing 10 damage to an enemy will get you 10 points closer to upgrading your body shield. Damage also counts when dealt to PvE enemies, like prowlers, spiders, or flyers, but this only offers a fraction of damage dealt as progress–about 4:1. Damage dealt to downed enemies does not count towards upgrading your body shield. As for the Replicator, 50 crafting materials will get you 150 points towards upgrading, but you will have to wait without a shield while the points are applied.

Here are all of the shields currently available in battle royale.

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