Apex Legends: How To Equip Multiple Skins, Music Tracks, and Loading Screens

Apex Legends has been around for nearly three years and that means long time players have probably accumulated a ton of different cosmetic items. Luckily, instead of being forced to decide which Wattson skin is your favorite, you can select multiple different skins to cycle through randomly. This works for a number of different items in the game, like loading screens, weapon skins, and music tracks. Here’s how to curate a selection of items to rotate through in Apex Legends.

How to add favorites

You can select up to eight favorite skins per legend
You can select up to eight favorite skins per legend

In order to select your favorites, you need to navigate to either the “Legends” tab or the “Loadout” tab on the main menu, depending on what you are trying to set. For legends skins, you will need to navigate to that specific legend’s customization page. On the “Skins” tab, you will need to equip the “random favorite” option at the top of the list and then add your desired skins to the favorite list. Currently, you can only select eight skins at once as favorites. This same method can be used to set random favorite skins for individual weapons as well.

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