Apex Legends Bug Is Stopping Players From Redeeming Event Rewards

Some players getting into Apex LegendsRaiders Collection Event have reported being unable to progress past a certain point in the prize track. Now, Respawn has officially acknowledged the bug, promising that a fix is in the works and instructing affected players to continue playing as normal until the fix goes live.

According to posts on the Apex subreddit, the bug seems to have first come up around five days ago–likely coinciding with a minor update that included fixes for Wattson’s heirloom being unlocked, among other things.

Players have reported getting stuck at various point levels in the prize track, with rewards that should have been unlocked not getting added to their inventories. As pointed out by one player on an Apex support thread, going into the event badge for the Raiders event will show the correct amount of points being tracked, while these changes just aren’t being reflected in the Prize Tracker.

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