Alan Wake 2 Will Remain Third-Person, Confirms Remedy

Alan Wake II, announced at The Game Awards, might be making a change to its genre, but it won’t be straying from some of the core gameplay fundamentals of the original.

Remedy boss Sam Lake confirmed on Twitter that the sequel will still be a third-person game, amid questions about whether the series might make a change akin to Resident Evil 7 and Village and their first-person perspective. Alan Wake II will, however, skew more towards traditional survival-horror, a twist on the original’s more psychological horror focus.

Additionally, the sequel will see the return of the two people who brought the character of Alan Wake to life. Matthew Porretta will return as the voice for the author protagonist, who you might recognize as Dr. Casper Darling in Remedy’s most recent game, Control. Ilkka Villi will return as the live-action actor and model for Alan Wake, already having appeared in the game’s first trailer.

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